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About Twinlab®

Since 1968, Twinlab has established itself as a trusted leader in the dietary supplement world with an extensive family of innovative, high-performance products made to complement diverse lifestyles and physical health needs. Rooted in naturals, Twinlab houses dozens of health and wellness products across several categories (multivitamins, minerals, letter vitamins, digestion, amino acids, sports nutrition, eye health, fish oils, and specialty supplements) that address life’s everyday challenges and help you feel your absolute best. We are humbled to have served millions of consumers that have trusted our products in their families for decades. 

About Reserveage Beauty®

Reserveage was founded by a woman over a decade ago with a vision of bringing innovation to the market and the ability to maintain the best years of a women’s life, for a longer period, naturally. Our female leadership spans a very diverse group with various backgrounds that offer a broader understanding of what women really want and need in quality and effective supplement and skincare products.

Reserveage pioneered three emerging categories in the supplement space over a decade ago — collagen, keratin, and resveratrol and still hold category dominance today. Our latest innovation launch, a Pro-Collagen Booster skincare line, offers a complementary approach to Beauty. 

About ResVitale®

ResVitále is on a never-ending quest to deliver smart, high-performing anti-aging ingredients to help consumers realize their best life today and at every stage of life. We use high-performance, proven ingredients that provide multiple benefits - skin health, hair health, and joint health. We’re the lifestyle for people committed to living a full, happy life at any age. We aim to support whole-body health and wellness so consumers can live a full, happy and vibrant life.

About NutraScience Labs®

Since 2001, NutraScience Labs has delivered on its mission to provide brand owners with best-in-class supplement manufacturing, packaging & label design, and order fulfillment services - all under one roof. All of NutraScience Labs' contract capsule, powder, and tablet manufacturing services are completed in GMP and ISO-certified facilities located in the United States and the company operates two GMP-certified warehouse and distribution centers on Long Island, New York. The staff boasts over 120 years of award-winning nutraceutical industry experience and has developed a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.




About Metabolife®

Metabolife is known for its stability in the diet space, a world where products are popular for a very short period and then disappear from the shelf. The brand has been a trusted brand for over 17 years and utilizes a strong science-based formulation. which is a testament to its effectiveness.  Metabolife brand awareness is extremely high in the weight management category and has a tremendously loyal following.



About Alvita®

Alvita Tea continues a tradition that started in 1922 and celebrates its 100th anniversary.  The brand was founded by a group of alfalfa enthusiasts, who recognized the benefits of vitamins and minerals provided by the rich green foliage and deep root system of alfalfa. The brand name “Alvita” represents the partnership of alfalfa and vitamins and ensures quality and flavor. Our foundation begins by sourcing the best-in-class herbs, supporting farms that preserve the natural state of the land, and upholding integrity by formulating and testing our own products. With Alvita, you get the quintessential, high-quality, organic single-herb tea. You’ll notice the impact on your life. It’s not just about taste. It’s about the feeling of wellness you get every time you drink it.





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